Summit Recreation and Social Club

Pine Summit Pool is a members-only, community-based recreation area. Membership includes access to both the pool area, tennis/pickleball courts, picnic and barbeque areas, and playground. Facilities open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The unique aspect to Summit Pool is that every member is an equal partner. We are an independent association run by member-volunteers taking care of daily pool and ground maintenance; purchasing necessary supplies; maintaining current county permits; assuring a safe environment; identifying options to reopen and provide a reliable the snack bar; and promoting a safe, family-friendly experience. It takes the participation of ALL members to continue operation of this unique Cobb institution.

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2024 Membership Renewal

For more information call (707) 881-7701 or email.

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(707) 881-7701

Mailing Address:
PO Box 537

15427 Hoberg Drive, Cobb, CA 95426

Board Members

Paul Duncan

Scott Ferguson
Vice President

Shirah Ruiz


Isaac Sanchez
Sergeant at Arms



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